Chadwick & Winters

Chadwick & Winters Land Surveying contacted us and requested help with their existing site. The website already had the look that the company wanted, but it was not being “found” on Google, Yahoo or Bing. We reworked the site to incorporate Search Engine Optimization, by rewriting the HTML and CSS, eliminating the use of tables as a layout technique, and incorporating keywords and other “white hat” SEO techniques. The company very rapidly saw their search results improve.

Brian Creamer and Myrna Ougland were amazing! After having poor results from a website created by others, I contacted Brian to see what he could do increase traffic to our site. After a quick tutorial by him on SEO and how and what drives traffic, Brian went to work updating our website and its programming. After a few weeks our site was back on line and almost immediately we were on page 1 of Google search results. Many thanks to Brian and SpiderLily Web Design!!

Brandon Winters, PLS

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